Michael P

One Session in, it's been pretty good I used them for pull-ups, deadlifts, and toe-to-bars and the liquid chalk worked great. It was easy enough to apply; pour about a dime-sized portion on one-hand, rub your hands together, wait 10 seconds, and your hands will come out looking like you're ready to put a hand print on an Uruk Hai's face. I had to apply it twice for the three exercises, but since it was 11 grip heavy sets I was pretty satisfied with my mileage on the chalk. The only complaint I had about it was that it took a little more effort than I expected to wash off. Perhaps that's something that I'll get used to though and I don't think is something that takes away from the quality of the chalk. 

T. Rapp- Spartan Race Must Have

I won’t buy any other “liquid chalk” product, I actually met this guy at a booth at a fit expo last fall and he has a legitimate game-changer! This product I use for dead lifts, curls, even chest press. I train for spartan races and with this product you won’t even need gloves! Just carry a bottle around and squeeze some onto your hands before an obstacle and you’re good to go.

Elen- Good For Pole Fit, Soft Hands

Just tried a couple of pole inverts and leg hangs. There is a bit of white residue left on the pole, but nothing that can't take a small towel or dishrag to clean off. Hands feel so soft afterwards! Smells good too.

Ramiro Cazares- Good Product

I bought the 250ML one and I go to the gym 3x a week while only using the chalk 2x a week and I bought it back in August. Now it’s January and it’ll probably last me another month. Great product I don’t have any issue with it. Will probably buy it again

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