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GRIP GOD LIQUID CHALK is a superior grip-enhancing product designed to meet the specific needs of weight lifters, Crossfitters, and rock climbers. It provides exceptional grip, long-lasting performance, and a mess-free application, making it an essential choice for athletes looking to excel in their respective sports.

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This is truly an amazing product. I am one who usually uses gloves when at the gym but when using grip god liquid chalk there is no need. After a few seconds of rubbing your hands together an letting it dry it quickly turned into chalk. All you need is a small dab of it an that will get you through a great workout. I definitely will continue to use this product


FANTASTIC product! Instructions are simple, chalk is easy to put on and easy to wash off and it’s LIQUID! Plus is smells so good! I also love how portable and convenient the caribiner makes it. Just hook it up to your keys and you'll never forget it when you’re headed to the gym. Definitely recommend for anyone to buy this!Helpfuls.


Using a small dab of the grip god will leave your hands ready to cling to stone or plastic in under 10 seconds, fast drying the grip god also includes a sweat resistant additive as an extra to help keep those hands nice and dry.

Jamie Taylor of DAILY CLIMBING

My fav. Use it all the time I deadlift and heavy lift 💪


Very good chalk stay on the hand and keep it dry, stayed for very long time and was still on the hand even after a 3 hour training.



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